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How can people stay happy all the time? (pixabay.com)

How can some people look always happy all the time? Do they really feel it or it just how they look like? Is it only on the surface, not what they really feel, or it is truly what they feel? The answer is no, they don’t. They don’t always feel happy all the time. How can I say so? You don’t see their life 24 hours a day, do you?

Motivational quotes really motivating - kata mutiara (source: pixabay.com)

Why I love motivational quotes I love quotes. I love motivational quotes even more. It wakes me up to do something meaningful in my life. It gives me spirit to do something. It gives me courage to start, taking risks, whatever it is. It makes me not afraid of failure. It makes me want to enjoy the process of chasing my dreams. And one of my favorite quotes is this