Why I Don’t Like Being Compared To Others The Most

Compared to others, it is the most unpleasant
Compared to others, it is the most unpleasant

A few weeks ago I had a review meeting with top management where I worked.

After about an hour of reviewing the progress that I and the team made, he asked why my work was not in line with his expectations.

Impressed there is no progress compared to the previous month’s meeting.

He asked me if I had difficulties in working on the current tasks.

Hmm… Frankly, I can’t answer.

Because the only reason why there is no progress is because I don’t do it.

I don’t have the motivation to complete the tasks.

Even so, with my team.

All at the lowest point in working motivation.

I don’t need to tell you the reason, obviously, 75% of the team members are trying to find a new job. Including me, of course.

Getting results that are in line with expectations with a team like that is a challenge. But I didn’t discuss it here.

The story goes, he started comparing my team with other teams.

What he said was getting more progress.

Performed more.

Meet his expectations.

It made me stunned.

Because I know, my team can do much better than other teams. If they’re motivated, of course.

Apart from motivational problems, comparing us like that makes me annoyed too.

I have to take revenge.

I will show I can leave the other teams far behind my team.

I will prove that my team is the best.

Okay, just share it.

Now to the core of this article.

Compared to other people, it never feels good for me.

In fact, I can say that I don’t like being compared to others.

Maybe you are the same.

Who likes to be compared with others?


People react when compared to others

TunjuShow that you are better than people thinkkkan kalau kamu lebih baik dari yang orang kira
Show that you are better than people think

Speaking of being compared with others, from my experience, people can react in 3 ways.

First, he will be driven, stunned, wanting to prove that he is better. If the person who considers him under someone else is wrong.

I belong to this type. Except if I really lose in a field that I don’t matter. How else.

The second reaction, people who are said to be no better than others, can be inferior. Feeling that it’s true. If he is not as good as other people who always succeed in everything.

Although the reality is not like that.

People who have great undeveloped potential, when in its development stage are attacked continuously by the thought that other people are better and they are not as good as others, can grow into an inferior person.

Feeling has no potential.

As a result, the real potential doesn’t come out.

Covered by the thoughts that continue to be implanted in him that he is not as good as others.

This is like the story of an eagle child raised by a mother hen. Do you know the story?

If you don’t know, find out for yourself.

In essence, for the rest of his life he will become a chicken and will die as a chicken.

Not as an eagle of the space ruler as he was born.

The third reaction, people who can’t stand compared to others will run away.

Steer clear of people who humble them. Conscious or unconscious.

He will seek peace by staying away from those who burden him.


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Suggestions for comparison and likes to compare people

We can’t manage what others do, whether he will compare us or not.

We can’t change them.

That’s their right, maybe.

Will definitely happen.

There are two suggestions from me.


Suggestions for you that are compared with others

Every person has his own way to succeed
Every person has his own way to succeed

For those of you who are being compared with others, you must remember this.

Life is not a race.

Not a race for success.

Not who wins and who loses in the pursuit of success.

Each person walked on their tracks.

On the tracks individually.

And the direction of the path is different.

So is the time, the finish line, different.

Nothing is the same.

So, there isn’t anyone who is racing with someone else.

Who first achieved success.

All you need to do, of course, is to do everything possible to use the potential we have.

The result? Forget it.

It is not our authority to determine the results.

Our portion is only trying.

And in the end, not the results that are judged on us, but how much effort we put into our journey.

Be the best version of YOU!

Not the best version of someone else.

Be the best of you who always grows every day.


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Suggestions for those who like to compare others

Be aware of the impact on others when you compare them
Be aware of the impact on others when you compare them

My second suggestion, this is for those who like to compare others, your intentions may be good, but remember, good intentions must also be done in a good way.

Not everyone likes to be compared to others.

Remember those three types of reactions.

Not everyone can accept.

If that’s the case, all you do is burden them.

Not at all helpful.

Your good intentions don’t work.

Look for other ways to support the people you care about.

Don’t make them become other people by comparing them.

They are born with different missions.

Let them develop on their own path. Not someone else’s path.

Because they are free individuals who have their own way to achieve success. And that is unique.


We can’t manage what other people want to do, but we can change how we react to the treatment of others.

The choice is in your hands.

Choose wisely.


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