Don’t Say You Do Your Best Before Reading This Story

Do your best
Do your best

We often hear, “Do your best.”

“Do the best.”

What exactly is doing the best, anyway?

Have you done it already?

How do you do it?

What makes you say you’ve done it?

Do you think, “do your best” is doing the best you can?


As possible as you can?

If so, what is the limit? Where are your limits?

Try to remember, when you were a kid, you can only run a few hundred meters before you are very tired.

But now?

After you’ve grown up, maybe you can run a few miles before you feel tired.

Your capability limit has been increased.

But, in both your age, you are “doing your best” regardless of the result, that is how far you can run.

It means, “do your best” is about effort, not results achieved.

The next question, then what kind of effort is best?

I remember a story about doing the best.


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Wise story about doing the best

Do your best, you'll never know your limit
Do your best, you’ll never know your limit

Once, there is a wise old teacher in a country with three of his students.

The three students asked about how doing the best in their lives.

The teacher then took the three students to a large field.

There, he asked the students to run as best they could.

The best they could try.

Then the three students began to run around the vast grounds.

Seconds by minute, minute by hour, hour by hour, they kept running.

The first student stopped after running for 3 hours without stopping. He was exhausted.

The second student, he could no longer afford to continue running after 4 hours.

While the third student, did not stop running for 5 hours.

Then the three students came over the teacher.

They said it’s the best they’ve done.

The 3rd student says he is the one doing the best. Because he ran longer than the others.

What was the teacher’s answer?

“Not yet. You have not done your best.”

“Not maximal. Not as best as you can. “, Said the teacher again.

The three students looked at one another. They didn’t understand.

Each of them felt they’ve done the best they can.


“I’ll show you what’s doing the best. The maximum we can do.”, Said the teacher again.

And the old teacher started running.

The three students watched from the sidelines.

The teacher ran very slowly and seemed exhausted by his age.

Twenty minutes running endlessly, he looked very tired.

His steps began to weigh and his runs were no longer perfect.

He began to stagger.

But he kept running.

His students, who watched from the side of the field feel sad to see the condition of their teachers.

“Enough.”, the students said.

But the teacher kept running.

He didn’t care.

Until the 30th minute, the teacher fainted.

The students were shocked and ran to the teacher.

After they had managed to make him feel sober, the teacher said to them, “That’s what you should call your best. Do as best you can. ”

The students nodded. They understood now.


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Moral of the story: That’s how you do your best

Do your best, you can go far beyond your mind
Do your best, you can go far beyond your mind

Doing your best is not about results.

It is about effort.

Do the best you can.

As much as you can do.

And you do not know which limits your ability can do.

What you think is maximal, you can exceed it. You can try more and more.

“Do your best”, sometimes limited by your thoughts.

The thought that tells you that this is the limit.

You’ve done the best you can.

But the reality is not.

You can still be more and more.

Do not be limited by your own thoughts.

You can do far beyond your own mind.

Do not limit yourself.

You will be surprised at what you can do.


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