How Do Some People Stay Happy All The Time?

How can people stay happy all the time? (
How can people stay happy all the time? (

How can some people look always happy all the time? Do they really feel it or it just how they look like? Is it only on the surface, not what they really feel, or it is truly what they feel?

The answer is no, they don’t.

They don’t always feel happy all the time.

How can I say so?

You don’t see their life 24 hours a day, do you? You don’t follow their life to know whatever they feel during the day.

You only see what is seen. Only the small part of their life. Not everything.


Do we need to look always happy?

The question is do we need to look always happy? At least in front of people?

Maybe. It’s a choice.

If you want to look like that all the time, you can.

You can pretend that you are happy even if you are actually sad. Maybe you can be really feel it eventually by pretending like that. Who knows?

Or, if you want to show that gloomy, miserable, and mournful face, it’s your choice also. The face that brings you nothing but more sorrow. The face that only gives you more burden.

It’s all up to you. No one forces you to choose. You can choose freely. Of course with the each consequence of each choice.


A Life that’s always happy

There is no happily ever after life. It’s just happening in the fairy tale for kids.

The real life is very complex. Life is rich.

You can feel sadness, disappointment, frustration, anger, and happiness itself. It is very complex.

In fact, you cannot say that your life is perfect without feel those emotions, at least once in your whole life.

Moreover, those emotions, those feelings, fulfill one and another.

You cannot enjoy your happiness without ever being sad.

You cannot feel the pleased of being successful without ever feeling how frustrating you are when you fail.

You cannot feel how relieve you are when you forgive someone without ever feel the anger.


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People who always look happy

A life that's always happy. Is it possible? (
A life that’s always happy. Is it possible? (

So, who are the people who are happy all the time?

They are the people who ever feel the sadness, maybe on the level that we can’t imagine it will happen in our life. You don’t know how big is their problem.

They are the people who knows how frustrating a failure can be.

They are the people who ever feel the pain of being disappointed.

With all that experience, they can respect more the joy life brings to them. Even the smallest happiness that comes into their life. They respect it more. That’s why they always become happy all the time.


The answer

So, if you ask me how people can always be happy, the answer is simple.

Accept your sad time. Your difficult time.

Respect your failure, your disappointment.

Enjoy your life, even in your hardship.

Accept that as a part of your rich life so your life becomes perfect and you can start to enjoy, appreciate, the small happiness that come into your life.

Be happy!


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