Introverts Are Harder To Get A Partner, Is That True?

Introverts are harder to get a partner?
Introverts find it difficult to get a partner?

Introverts are harder to get a partner, is that true? This is the status I read on Facebook. Makes me think about it, huh?

Introverts are known for being quiet, shy, unable to get along, and various other labels. Like something that must be avoided.

Because of the label above, the question arises, if an introverted character like that, how do you want to meet people? How do you find a partner? Will it be difficult? Questions arise.

And there is one more obstacle, introverts always set high standards for themselves.

As a result, everyone is considered better than him. Being insecure.

Then how do you want to compete?


Introverts are harder to get a partner? Is it true?

Quiet introvert, yeah. The impression is like that. Because the characters who do not like small talk, it seems to be silent when people are having small talks.

In addition, introverts take longer time to digest the information. So the impression is slow. Quiet. Then, once you want to respond, the topic has been changed. So just stay quiet in the end.

Shy introverts? No. Shy doesn’t have anything to do with introverted characters. Extraverts can be shy too. That’s two different things.

If you feel inferior? Maybe. Because of the high standards I mentioned above.

Well, the question is, are these characters becoming obstacles? So making it difficult to get a partner?

Apart from the characters above, introverts also have a special attraction that can draw people closer.

Don’t believe it?

Come on, let’s see.  


  1. Introvert is a thinker, can be a good friend of discussion.

It can be very fun talking to introverts
It can be very fun talking to introverts

Introverts are born to think before speaking. Maybe it thinks more than others.

Now, because of this character, usually the opinions expressed by introverts will be more weighty. Deeper.

Who is not interested in people who can give good opinions?

Can become a person to be asked. A person to find answers, isn’t it?

You can have new insight about things you didn’t think about before when you’re asking an introvert.

This is a special attraction for introverts.  


  1. The introvert thinks longer so that the impression is slow. But this can be an attraction too.

Introverts can be good listeners
Introverts can be good listeners

The process of thinking of an introvert is longer than an extrovert.

So, if someone confides to an introvert, he will digest before giving an answer or opinion.

He can’t respond spontaneously.

Looks slow? Maybe yes.

But look on the bright side, he will look more listening than others (even though he thinks).

Is that right?

Because it doesn’t respond, the impression is heard.

Sometimes people just need to be heard.

But it would be great if you could also give a good opinion. Of course after everything has been heard.

Meet people who want to listen to our complaints? Interested right?


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  1. Introverts that are known to be quiet suddenly give more attention? Wow!

Introverted people can have a wow effect
Introverted people can have a wow effect

Have you ever met a quiet person who suddenly appears as a superhero when you need it?

How does it feel?


Happy? Definitely.

Who doesn’t like pleasant surprises.

Well, the introverted “quiet” character can again be their attraction.  


  1. Welcome to my world.

The inner world is bigger
The inner world is bigger

Introverts think a lot about themselves.

And do you know? The world inside is wider than what is seen in the world out there.

Many mysterious things can be explored.

This makes the introvert character interesting.

People never know what is behind their appearance.

What interesting things are behind those faces?

All that is hidden is so interesting. It’s endless to explore.

It’s not boring.

There is always something new. There is always a shock effect.

The attraction for those who are invited to enter and explore it.  


  1. Actions are far more valuable than words.

Actions are far more valuable than words
Actions are far more valuable than words

You can’t beat like a playboy?

So what?

What you do can be more valuable than just words.

Not to talk much, just show it.

Your love phrase is translated into your actions.

Actions that look simple, but with sincerity, will be much more heartening than mere words without sincerity.

One, plus more points for introverts.  


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Still think introverts are harder to get a partner?

With all kinds of appeal, there are many more if you want to mention one by one, who can say introverts are harder to get a partner?

The attraction, judging by the words “attract”, he will attract people to approach.

Introverts, have their own market segments.

If you don’t have a partner, try checking, maybe you are in a wrong segment.

Or it’s not just time yet.

Everyone has their own tastes. No need to worry. All you need to do is find it.

For introverted love fighters, be optimist!

Introvert is not a strange creature. Not a disease. Just a label of a way of thinking. No need to be overreacted.

Keep the spirit!!!


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