Motivational Quotes of Your Own

Motivational quotes really motivating (source:
Motivational quotes really motivating (source:

Why I love motivational quotes

I love quotes. I love motivational quotes even more. It wakes me up to do something meaningful in my life. It gives me spirit to do something. It gives me courage to start, taking risks, whatever it is. It makes me not afraid of failure. It makes me want to enjoy the process of chasing my dreams. And one of my favorite quotes is this one.


“You might not write well every day, but you can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.”

Jodi Picoult


One of my favorites. It gives me the spirit to keep writing, to keep going, and to start at any point knowing that we have to start anyway. Failure or mistakes are normal. No need to be afraid. Just keep going. We can always edit a bad page, not a blank page.


Make your own motivational quotes

Sometimes I just wonder why those people can make such a beautiful word. And it’s not just beautiful, it has power. It can influence people who read it. It can touch their heart. And if we take a look those people, they are not just ordinary people. They are great people who have succeeded in their field. They have gone through all difficulties in their life. And they made it. Maybe this is the reason why their words have power.

Speaking about difficulties, everyone has it, well, who doesn’t? Everybody has their own fight. Their own battle. And everybody has their own success story. I’m not talking a success like becoming a famous person or have billions of dollars. I’m talking about our personal success. Our personal achievements. We all do have it. We have made through our difficulties in life. And we still alive until today.

Reflecting to that condition, I am thinking that why don’t we make our own quotes? Our own motivational quotes. It will fit us more than we read other people quotes. It’s really us. Very personal. It’s not wrong to read other people quotes, it just maybe our own quotes will be more fit into our needs. What we really need.

We can make our own motivational quotes reflecting to what we have gone through. Quotes that reminds us about how we can go this far, how we can be here now, what we have accomplished, what difficulties that make us stronger, anything. Looking to this past experience can make us keep standing up through our difficult situation we’re facing right now. Knowing that we had ever achieved something in the past makes us feel good about ourselves. We know that if we can do it back then, we can do it now. We know how to do it. We know what action needs to be taken. We know what response we need to give in dealing with difficulties in our life. It gives us such a guidance to live our life.

Make your own motivational quotes (source:
Make your own motivational quotes (source:

Make our own quotes. Our own motivational quotes. Print it. Stick it to our reminder cabinet as a reminder that we’ve been there before. And we still here, right now, alive. That we are ready to face anything to reach our goals. Share it to other people if you like. See how it will influence their life. See whether our own quotes have the same power with what famous people’s words have. It will. Since the power lies within the words itself, not in the people who say it. We can inspire other people with the strength of our own words, too.

For you who are in difficult situations now, who falling down, wake up! Fight! Win your battle! It’s not over yet. Give your best shot. There is always a hope in the other end. Make your own success story. Be other people inspiration. Be the inspiration for others through the power of your own beautiful words. From your own success story.


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